Amazing Rangoli Stencils and Combos for Diwali

Rangoli Stencil ganesha

Rangoli is a popular Indian art that is celebrated done year on Diwali in almost every Indian household. It has been practiced for many centuries and it’s one of the most important events in Hindu culture, not just diwali but rangoli is created on every happy occasion in India. If you want to create beautiful designs with these stencils, then read on!

Rangoli is an Indian art where people decorate their homes with beautiful patterns.In ancient times, the females of the family used to decorate in a very creative manner. As time evolves, the technique of doing any work also evolves with it. Rangoli which was made by hand, nowadays various stencils are there in the market to create beautiful rangolis. You just have to place the stencil and add dry color powder on the stencil, just pick it up and your fabulous rangoli is ready. This stencil can be used to create colorful lines on walls, windows and doors. The stencils come in various sizes and patterns.

The rangoli stencils available at incredible gifts  come with a detailed step-by-step guide that explains how to use the stencils correctly so you can achieve beautiful results every time!

Product Details

Rangoli Stencils for Diwali are a set of stencils that come in a clear plastic box. The product includes different designs, each with a different pattern and an accompanying color guide. Each design has its own color pattern, so it’s easy to create your own unique designs! You can get them in floral pattern, peacock pattern and many other patterns along with a complete color and a guide on how to use at incredible gifts.

These stencils are made of durable plastic material so don’t worry about them breaking when you use them again! All these designs come with their own separate backing paper making sure there is no mess when using this set (which would otherwise happen if you were working on large-sized patterns). You also get free shipping from us every time we receive an order from our website which makes things even easier 🙂


Bring out the fun and colors of Diwali in your home with Incredible Gifts Rangoli stencils. These stencils are the perfect addition to any celebration, filled with rich colors and intricate designs that will have everyone talking.

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