Customized Unique LED Illusion Wings With Photo and Text


When you’re sending a gift, whether it’s for the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, your Wedding Anniversary or even a birthday, this amazing LED illuminated wings will make that person feel loved from afar. Whether you choose to put their name in the photo we will personalize them with your own unique message. This is such a unique and wonderful gift.


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These wings are perfect for anyone whose looking to add some light and fun to their special day. They can also be used for any occasion like valentine, weddings, birthdays or any special occasion! The light of this LED will always bright the love in front of your love ones. You can send us a photo and message for personalized lamp .

These Customized Unique LED Illusion Wings With Photo and Text are your own style statement. You’ll have the freedom to express yourself without reservations or boundaries. You can make a special memory to whom you are going to gift and This illusion lamp can change your simple bedroom into a romantic bedroom. In the light of the lamp, you can place your favorite picture

Customized Unique LED Illusion Wings With Photo and Text. This stunning pair of LED illusion wings features a personalized photo featuring your special moment, Special material – Acrylic and Size-8 inches as well as the date or occasion you would like to honor! The wing pairs with a beautiful LED light that illuminates the wings in a romantic glow at night.

Size & Material – Acrylic and Size-8 inches

Additional information

Weight 0.480 kg
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 6 cm


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