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Intimate Role Play Scratch Card with Action, Location & Duration

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Elevate your intimate moments with our Intimacy Scratch Card Role Play for Couples. This unique kinky scratch-off cards features action, location, and duration prompts, designed to ignite passion and deepen connections between partners. It has 2 cards with a scanted candle.


Intimate Role Play Scratch Card with Scanted Candle

Experience the ultimate in romantic exploration with our Intimate Scratch Card Role Play for Couples. This innovative intimacy deck takes your relationship to new heights by incorporating action, location, and duration prompts into your intimate moments.

Designed for couples seeking to enhance their connection and intimacy, each scratch card reveals a unique combination of action, location, and duration, allowing you to create personalized and unforgettable experiences with your partner. Simply scratch the card to unveil the action you and your partner will embark upon, the location where the scenario will unfold, and the duration of your romantic adventure.

In addition to the scratch cards, our Intimate Scratch Card Role Play for Couples includes a guidance card to provide additional support and inspiration. Whether you’re new to intimate role play or a seasoned enthusiast, this guidance card offers tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your intimate encounters. It has 2 cards and 1 guidance card and a Scanted Candle.

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