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DIY Rangoli Stencils – Flower Design Rangoli for Diwali

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One of the most unique and vibrant ways to decorate your home to celebrate festivals and other special occasions, or even just to give it a festive look, is by using a Rangoli stencil. Rangoli, or Kolam, is a traditional form of art that’s done using 5 or 6 basic colours, along with a few more if you choose.


DIY Rangoli Stencils

Don?t you just love the festival of colours and just can?t get enough of the stunning rangoli patterns that our grandmothers and mothers make? But the problem is that you are a lazy and can never be bothered to steal some time from work to draw those intricate designs? What if we told you that you can get the same high quality rangoli patterns that are made by professional stencil makers but with a lot less effort? That?s right, we are talking about Rangoli Stencils, laser made rangoli stencils that are high quality and will last you the lifetime! Available in different designs, free colors, free diya, these stencils are the best thing to ever have happened to the festival of colours. Rangoli stencils are laser cut from MDF. It is a best product for diwali and other festival. Available in different designs and sizes. It contains free colors, free diya to help you make rangoli. Also, it is best for outdoor and indoor. Rangoli stencils are best product for diwali and other festival.

Rangoli Stencils are a decorative art form used to create rangoli patterns on floors and walls using different colored powders. Rangoli Stencils are made of high-quality material, laser cut and made in india. These stencils are ideal for people who can?t spend much time in making these designs. Choose your favorite rangoli stencils and get ready to decorate your floors, walls and more.

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