Flower with Border Rangoli Stencils with Six Rangoli Colors


Rangoli stencils are laser cut from MDF. It is a best product for diwali and other festival. Available in different designs and sizes. It contains free colors, free diya to help you make Rangoli. Also, it is best for outdoor and indoor. Rangoli stencils are best product for Diwali and other festival.


Flower with Border Rangoli Stencils

Celebrate this festival by Rangoli decorations for floor using different variety of Rangoli Stencils designs by Incredible Gifts India

India is a country of colors, a country of various festivals. Indians celebrate each festival with different type of decorations. Decorating Rangoli in or outside house is one of the main and important floor decoration items.

To make Rangoli decorations for floor easy way and with a perfection, Incredible Gifts India created some unique?Rangoli stencils for floor?with attractive and unique designs that will definitely improve the decor of your house. Incredible Gifts India have Rangoli stencils for floor large size and also Rangoli stencils small. You can select Rangoli stencil combo to make big size stencil. Rangoli Stencils are used with different names in the country, some calls it Kolam stencils, Kolam Achu Designs, but mostly it is called Rangoli stencil design.

You can create big rangoli using combination of large stencil, border stencil and small stencils. In Incredible Gifts India’s catalog you can find small rangoli stencils for floor 8 inches,?Rangoli stencils set big size 12 inches?and small stencils of size 6 inches. You can found variety of designs in our catalog including, diya stencils design, border stencil design, Ganesha Stencil, Radha Krishna Stencil,?floral stencil, peacock rangoli stencil etc.

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Weight 0.98 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 0.5 cm
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